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Becker Radio Code

If you are looking for a Becker radio code to unlock your radio, you have come to the right place. Reading this guide will explain to you how you can go about using our Becker radio code generator. We are currently the number one provider of radio codes on the Internet.

Why has your radio become locked?

There should only be one reason for your radio becoming locked. This reason is someone has tampered with or attempted to steal your radio. However, this isn’t always the case. The way your radio is designed this is meant to happen however sometimes your radio becomes locked by mistake. There are a few different common causes for this although it is rare it does happen. These are listed below.

  • You have just replaced your vehicles battery.
  • The battery inside your vehicle has lost all of it’s charge.
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident, no matter how small.
  • There is an electrical issue with your vehicle.
  • Your radio has encountered a software glitch.

What do you need to unlock your radio?

To unlock your radio you will need to find out what the Becker radio code is for your radio. You are able to find out the radio code of your radio if you find out what the serial number of your radio is, which is relatively easy to do. When your radio was manufactured it was assigned it’s own radio code and a serial number both of these numbers are unique. They are also linked together which means that if you find out the serial number of your Becker radio you will be able to use it to generate a Becker radio code.

How to find out the serial number of your radio

We will now explain to you how you can find out the serial number of your radio. This process is relatively easy and will only take you a few minutes. There are a few diferent ways of finding out the serial number of your radio. We have explained two methods below.

Firstly try having a look at all of the paperwork that came with both your vehicle and your radio when you purchased them. This is because sometimes Becker included the serial number of your radio inside one of the manuals. We now recommend that you try removing the radio from your vehicle and taking a good look around it. This is because you are looking for a label which will be stuck onto it. This will have the serial number of your radio printed onto it. Depending on the model of your radio sometimes Becker stamped the serial number of your radio into the metal.

How to use our Becker radio code generator

To learn how you can download and use our Becker radio code generator, you will need to follow the four steps below.

  1. Please click on the “Generate Radio Code” button which you can find at the end of the steps. This will take you over to the download page for our Becker radio code generator.
  2. Now you have to click on the “Start Download” button. This will start the process of downloading our generator to your device. The speed of the download depends on your Internet connection.
  3. When our Becker radio code generator has finished downloading you will need to open it. There will be a textbox which will appear on your screen, it will ask you for the serial number of your Becker radio which you need to enter. You can then click on the “Generate” button. Our Becker radio code generator will now get to work generating your radio code.
  4. When our generator has finished generating your radio code, it will appear on your screen. You are now able to enter this radio code into your radio in order to unlock it. We will also give you the option to save your radio code for future reference in case your radio ever becomes locked again.

generate becker radio code

If you don’t know how to enter the radio code into your radio, we recommend that you search online for instructions. Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide instructions here as there as all models of Becker radio vary when it comes to the way that radio codes are entered. Our instructions simply woudn’t be accurate.

Now that your radio is unlocked, you can listen to your favourite radio station again! Thank you for using our service. Please recommend our service to others.

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