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Free BMW Radio CodeAll about Car Radio Unlocking

Are you looking for a Free BMW radio code? Well you’ve come to the right place! You will be able to use our BMW radio code generator for free. Firstly we believe that we should explain to your what radio unlocking is and why you need to do it before we continue with unlocking your radio. Modern car radios now come with an anti-theft security feature when they are manufactured, this was implemented due to the rapid increase of thieves stealing the radios out of vehicles. This means that whenever the radio is removed from the vehicle or tampered with the radio will become locked. Unfortunately sometimes your radio may become locked if you’ve changed your cars battery or may happen randomly if there’s a software issue.

You will need a valid radio code in order to unlock your BMW radio and use it again. This used to mean that you have to contact the manufacturer of your radio (BMW) and as we all know, they never give anything away for free! They’ll give you a radio code in exchange for a big chunk of money. Luckily for you, we are able to help you obtain one through the use of our Free BMW radio code generator. We have made the process of generating your radio code as easy as possible, we have taken out all of the hard work. The average person takes just under 10 minutes to unlock their radio.

We are pleased to tell you that we are the internets leading provider of free radio codes, we take great pride in offering you 24/7 support on all 365 days of the year when you use our free service. Feel free to visit our contact us page, simply fill out the form and we aim to respond to you within 24 hours. (Our average response time is 3 hours) We strive to do our best by you and help you to resolve any problems that you have encountered. We are proud to say that we are currently able to generate radio codes for all models of BMW radio.

How to Unlock a BMW Radio for free

Step 1) Firstly you need to insert your car key into your cars ignition and turn it slowly until you hear a click, this will turn on all of the cars electronics including the radio without starting the car up. (If you have a keyless ignition insert your cars fob into the dashboard and press it in once without depressing the clutch)

Step 2) Secondly you need to enter your valid radio code into your BMW radio. Once step one has been completed your radio should now request an unlock code. We have detailed all of the steps in the next section of the guide explaining exactly how you can generate your own BMW radio code. Once your radio code has been generated we highly recommend that you make a note of your radio code as it will always remain the same, this therefore means that if you ever encounter the problem of a locked radio again you will be able to use the same code and resolve the problem quickly. (Please note we will give you the option to save your radio code to your device once it has been generated)

If you are unsure on the exact process of entering the radio code into your radio, we recommend that you search online for your model of radio and instructions on how to do it, we are unable to include instructions in this guide as all models of BMW radio vary slightly.

How to get a Free BMW Radio Code – Instructions

Step 1)

In order for us to be able to successfully generate a free BMW radio code for you, we need to know the serial number of your radio. This is because your serial number is used in the generating process as your radio code is linked to it, meaning that your radio code is unique to your radio and it is extremely unlikely someone else will have the same radio code as you. There are two different methods of finding out your radios serial number which are explained below.

Method 1) Your serial number will be either printed or stamped onto either the rear or the side of your radio. Please note that this will require you to remove your radio in order to see it.)

Method 2) Your serial number may be printed inside either your vehicles manual or your radios manual, however please note that this isn’t the case for all models of BMW radio.

Step 2)

  1. Click the “Generate Radio Code” button below this section of the guide.
  2. Click on the “Start Download” button and wait for our BMW radio code generator to download.
  3. Open our BMW radio code generator. You will now be asked for the serial number of your BMW radio. Please enter it and click “Generate”
  4. Your BMW radio code will now be generated, once done it will be shown on your screen. You can now enter your BMW radio code into your radio. Please refer to earlier in the guide if you need any help with this.


generate BMW radio code

Awesome! You have now successfully unlocked your BMW radio for free.