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Free Chevrolet Radio CodeWelcome to – We are the Internet’s leading provider of free radio codes. In this guide we will be explaining to you in detail how to generate your own Chevrolet radio code for free.

Why is your Chevrolet radio locked?

You may be wondering why your Chevrolet radio has suddenly become locked, there could be a few different causes for this however, your radio was originally designed to lock itself for one reason. This is when your radio detects that someone is attempting to steal it. Some of the common causes of a locked radio are listed below.

  • You have just changed your vehicles battery.
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident.
  • Your vehicle has an electrical fault
  • Your vehicles battery has lost all of its charge.

It is possible to unlock a locked radio, however if you go through the normal channels such as contacting the manufacturer of your radio, you will most of the time be charged a sizeable fee for them unlocking your radio. We believe that radio unlocking should be free, which is why this website was founded. Ever since we have provided radio codes to well over 6 million radios worldwide.

How to unlock a Chevrolet radio

To find out how to unlock your Chevrolet radio, you will need to read both parts of the unlocking guide below. Once you have followed all of the steps you will have successfully unlocked your Chevrolet radio.

Part I

In order to unlock your radio, you will need to find out what the Chevrolet radio code is for your radio. However, in order to find that out you will first need to find out what the serial number of your radio is, which is a lot easier to do. There are two main ways in which you can find out the serial number of your radio.

Method one) Depending on the model of your radio, the serial number of your radio may be included in the paperwork which was included with your vehicle when your purchased it. We recommend that you check both the paperwork for your vehicle and your radio.

Method two) You will need to remove your radio from your vehicle, this is because a label will be on the rear of it which will have the serial number of your radio printed onto it. When you find it, you will need to make a note of it and then re-install your radio back into your vehicle.

Part II

In this part you will learn how you download and use our free Chevrolet radio code generator, just follow the steps below which will explain the whole process.

Step 1) Click on the “Generate Radio Code” button below these steps. This button will take you over to the download page for our Chevrolet radio code generator.

Step 2) Click on the “Start Download” button on the left hand side of the page. This will start the process of downloading our Chevrolet radio code generator. Please be patient, the file size isn’t large however it all depends on the speed of your internet connection. (We also download the correct version of our software to your device. We currently support all operating systems)

Step 3) Once our generator has downloaded you will need to find it and open the application.

Step 4) You will now be presented with a text box which will ask you for the serial number of your radio. You need to enter it, ensure your serial number is correct before clicking on the “Generate” button.

Step 5) You will now need to wait, the process of generating your radio code takes around a minute. Once it has finished generating a pop-up will appear on your screen with your radio code. You will then be able to enter the radio code into your radio in order to unlock it.


Generate Chevrolet radio code

What Chevrolet models do we support?

We are currently able to support the unlocking of all models of Chevrolet radio. When new models are released we update our software as quickly as possible. We have listed the models below which we receive the most requests to unlock.

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Chevrolet Camaro Radio Code
Chevrolet Spark Radio Code
Chevrolet Cruze Radio Code
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Chevrolet Matiz Radio Code
Chevrolet Impala Radio Code
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