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Citroen Radio CodeAbout Radio Unlocking

Looking for a Citroen radio code? We are sure that you will be happy to hear that you have come to the right place. We are the market leaders when it comes to radio unlocking.

The reason behind your radio becoming locked is due your radios security system becoming activated. This happens because your radio thinks that someone has tried to steal it. This may well be the case however, radios have been known to have false activations therefore locking the radio and making it useless without a radio unlock code. This is great if your radio has been stolen but a huge pain if it hasn’t as you’ll have to find out how to unlock it. Luckily for you we can help you with that. Follow our guide below which will explain the whole process to you.

How to get a Free Citroen Radio Code

In order to find out your Citroen radio code it is a two-step process. The first step towards unlocking your Citroen radio for free is by finding out what the serial number of your radio is. This is needed to successfully generate a Citroen radio code for you. There are many ways to find out the serial number of your radio, two methods are explained below.

Method one) On all models of Citroen radio, the serial number of your radio will be either printed or stamped into either the rear or the side of your radio. (This will require you to remove your radio from your vehicle in order to see it.)

Method two) Check to see if the serial number of your radio is printed inside any of the paperwork that came with both your vehicle and your radio.

In this step you will learn how you can download and use our Citroen radio code generator to generate your own Citroen radio code. Follow the six steps below which will explain the process to you.

  • Step 1) Click on the “Generate radio code” button which you can find just below these steps. This will take you over to the download page for our Citroen radio code generator.
  • Step 2) You can now click on the “Start Download” button. Once our Citroen radio code generator has downloaded you will need to find it and open the application.
  • Step 3) You will now be presented with a box asking you to enter the serial number of your radio into it. Once down you will need to click on the “Generate” button. The process of generating your radio code will now start.
  • Step 4) When the generating process has finished your Citroen radio code will appear on your screen. You will also have the option to save it to your device for future reference.
  • Step 5) You can now enter the radio code that you generated into your radio to unlock it.

generate citroen radio code

If you do not know how to enter your radio code into your radio, please refer to the owner’s manual of your Citroen radio. This will explain everything to you. All models of Citroen radio are different when it comes to the steps involved in entering a radio code. If you are still having issues or have lost your owner’s manual we recommend you search online for instructions.

Awesome! Good work. You have now successfuly unlocked your Citroen radio for free.

Models of Citroen radio that we unlock the most often…

  • Free Citroen C1 Radio Code
  • Free Citroen C2 Radio Code
  • Free Citroen C3 Radio Code
  • Free Citroen C4 Radio Code
  • Free Citroen C5 Radio Code
  • Free Citroen C6 Radio Code

We are able to unlock all models of Citroen radio at this present time. Whenever new models are released we do our best to find out how to unlock them. If we cannot unlock them we will list the models below.