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Free Dodge Radio Code

We can help you get a radio code for your Dodge radio. In this guide we will explain to you how to can use our Dodge radio code generator. This service is free of charge. We are also pleased to tell you that we have been rated the Internet’s number one provider of free radio codes. We aim to please and we’re sure you leave our website unhappy.

Why has your radio become locked?

The security system of your radio has become activated. It is designed to detect if someone is trying to steal your radio or it has been stolen. If this the system detects this it will ‘lock’ your radio meaning that in order to unlock it again something called a radio code will be needed. Your radio will become useless when it is in it’s locked state. This is great if someone manages to steal your radio as it’ll be made worthless. Unless of course they know how to unlock the radio. This can prove to be difficult as you will need proof of ownership to obtain a radio code from the manufacturer, they will also charge you for this service.

Unfortunately radios become locked due to false activations of the security system, this could be caused by a variety of different reasons such as the below…

  • You have just replaced your vehicles battery.
  • You battery has been drained of all of it’s charge and had to be jump/bump started.
  • Your vehicle has been in a collison.
  • There could be a glitch within the software of the radio. Some makes and models currently have issues which manufacturers are working on patching.

What do you need to unlock your radio?

As you already know you will need to a Dodge radio code. This will unlock your radio. The only problem with this is that it is a code which is unique to your radio. The only way of finding your radio code out is by contacting the manufacturer of your radio and asking them for the radio code for your radio, they will give you one for a fee. The other way of finding out you radio code is by finding out the serial number of your radio, you will then be able to use our Dodge radio code generator for free.

How to find out your radios serial number

In order to unlock your radio, you will first of all need to find out what the serial number of your radio is in order to find out what the radio code for it is. This process is relatively easy, depending on which method you use and it could take you as little as a few minutes. There are two main methods of finding out your radios serial number which are both explained below.

First of all you can try taking a look at any of the paperwork that came with your vehicle/radio when you bought it. Sometimes manufacturers include the serial number of your radio inside one of the manuals. If the previous method doesn’t work, you can try removing your radio from your vehicle and taking a look around it. You are looking for a label which will have your radios serial number printed onto it, sometimes the serial number can be stamped into the metal, so keep an eye out for that.

How to use our Dodge radio code generator

We will now explain to you how you can use our Dodge radio code generator to generate your own Dodge radio code. This is an incredibly easy five step process.

  1. Firstly you will need to click on the “Generate Radio Code” button below. You will then be taken over to our Dodge radio code generator download page.
  2. You can now click on the “Start Download” button, this will download our Dodge radio code generator to your device.
  3. Once downloaded, open up our generator and enter the serial number of your Dodge radio into the text box and click on the generate button.
  4. Please be patient, our software will now get to work and start to generate your radio code. This can take up to a minute, please do not refresh your browser.
  5. Your radio code will appear on your screen once our software has finished the generation process. You will be given the option to save your radio code, we recommend that you do this.


generate dodge radio code


Now you will need to enter your radio code into your radio, if you are unsure of the steps involved in doing this, we recommend that you search online for instructions. Unfortunately we are unable to include instructions within this guide because they wouldn’t be accurated. This is because the process of entering a radio code varies between models of Dodge radio.

Well done! You have successfully unlocked your Dodge radio. Thank you for using our website.

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We are currently able to unlock all models of Dodge radio. (The radios we recieve the most requests to unlock are listed above)


If you need any support whilst using our service, you are more than welcome to use our contact us page. Fill out the form with all of the correct contact information and a member of our customer service team will respond to you as quickly as possible. Our current average response time is 4 hours and our support team is available 24 hours a day every day of the year.