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Ford Fiesta

Free Ford Fiesta Radio CodeWhat is Radio Unlocking?

Have you come to our website to learn how you can generate a free Ford Fiesta radio code? We’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that you’ve come to the right place. We are pleased to say that we are able to help you solve your problem.

Firstly though, we believe it is best we explain what radio unlocking is as it will help you understand the process of radio unlocking better and why you’ve encountered this problem in the first place. The reason for you having to unlock your Ford Fiesta radio is because all modern car radios are now fitted with an anti-theft security feature when they are manufactured.

This was designed in order to deter thieves from stealing radios from vehicles as there was a high volume of thefts occuring which has been reduced massively, vehicle damage has also decreased and so have insurnace claims, which have reduced premiums for everyone. This is great as the radio becomes locked if it is tampered with or removed from the vehicle, which basically makes it useless. The problem arises when you are the rightful owner of the radio and you don’t know what the code is to unlock it. Surprisingly this is an increasingly common problem especially when you have just replaced your vehicles battery as sometimes your radio is unable to tell the difference. Your radio can also become locked due to a software glitch. We have explained in the below sections how you can go about generating your own radio code and what you need in order to do it.

We are also happy to tell you that we are now able to offer all of our users 24/7 support on every single day of the year. Please do not hold back in using our contact us page if you are needing any help or have any enquiries. We are more than happy to help you. We are very proud to say that we are now the Internet’s #1 provider of free radio codes, unlocking the most radios for free out of any other service.

How to Unlock a Ford Fiesta Radio for free

Step 1) Firstly you will need to start by inserting your car key into your cars ignition and turning it slowly until you hear a click. This means that all of the electronics of the car are now turned on including your radio without starting the engine. You can start the car up fully if you like however, we recommend that you don’t as you’ll be wasting fuel. (If you have a keyless ignition, insert your cars fob into the dashboard and press once without depressing the clutch)

Step 2) Your Ford Fiesta radio will now display a request on screen asking you to enter a valid Ford Fiesta stereo code in order for it to be unlocked. We will soon start to explain to you in the next section of this guide how you can go about successfully generating a radio code for your radio. We also highly recommend that when your radio code is generated you make a note of it. The behind this is that your radio code will always remain the same, meaning that if you ever need to unlock your radio again you can use the exact same code. Please note that we will also give you the option to save your radio code to your device for future reference, we recommend that you do this.

Please make note that if you are unsure on the steps involved in entering your radio code into your radio, Ford usually includes instructions in the manual of either your vehicle or your radio. This is not always the case though depending on the age of the radio you’re trying to unlock. (We don’t think that you’ll need any instructions as it is relatively straight forward process, however if you are struggling we recommend that you search online for your specific model of Ford Fiesta for detailed instructions. Unfortunately we are unable to include instructions in this guide as the process varys slightly depending on the age, model etc of the radio.)

How to get a Free Ford Fiesta Radio Code

Step 1)

We can now start the process of generating your Ford Fiesta radio code by using our free radio code generator. We first need to find out the serial number of your radio, this is the only piece of information we need from you in order to successfully generate a radio code for you. This is because your radios serial number is directly linked to radio code as it is used in the generation process. We have listed two methods below which will explain to you how you can find out the serial number of your radio.

Method 1) The first method of obtaining your radios serial number is by removing your radio from your vehicle and taking a look at either the rear or the side of it, there you will find either printed onto a label or stamped into the metal your serial number. You will then need to write it down and re-install your radio.

Method 2) The second method of obtaining your radios serial number is by checking inside either your vehicles manual or your radios manual. (Please note that this method doesn’t always work depending on your specific model of Ford Fiesta, it is however worth trying before trying method 1.

Step 2)

Nearly there! We’re at the last section of this guide, which will explain to you the exact process of generating your own Ford Fiesta radio code.

  1. Click on the “Generate Radio Code” button at the bottom of this section.
  2. When the page has finished loading, click start download our Ford Fiesta radio code generator will start downloading
  3. When the Ford Fiesta radio code generator has finished downloading, you will need to open it. Once opened you will be presented with a request to enter the serial number of your ford fiesta radio into the box, you need to do this and then click on the generate button. Your free Ford Fiesta radio code will now start to be generated.
  4. The radio code for your radio will now appear on your screen.
  5. You will now be given the option to save your radio code. We recommend that you do this incase you ever need it again.

Generate Ford Fiesta radio code

You have now unlocked your Ford Fiesta radio for free, congratulations!