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Ford Focus

Free Ford Focus Radio CodeWhat is Radio Unlocking?

Are you trying to find out how you can get a Ford Focus radio code? We’re able to help you to do just that. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how you can generate a free Ford Focus radio code. First of all, we will explain to you what radio unlocking is before we start the process of unlocking your radio.

The cause for you experiencing the trouble of a locked Ford Focus radio first of all is because it is an anti-theft feature of your radio designed to discourage thieves. This feature was implemented due to the quick growth in the amount of thefts of automobile radios and it has been successful in achieving it’s intention and has reduced radio thefts, car damage and insurance claims. however, the trouble comes when you are the rightful owner of the radio and the radio becomes locked and you need a radio code in order to unlock it. This is a particularly common issue especially if you have just replaced your automobiles battery because the radio is every so often not able to distinguish between the radio being tampered with and the battery being removed from the vehicle.

What do you need to unlock your Radio?

During the manufacturing process of your radio it was assigned it’s own radio code which can be used to unlock it which is linked to the serial number of it. This therefore means that if you know the serial number of your radio or you can find it out, you will be able to unlock it. As the radio code is usually between 4 and 6 digits long there is an almost zero chance of another radio having the same radio code as you. Fortunately we are able to generate a free Ford Focus radio code for you, just as long as you can give us the serial number of your radio.

We have included an in-depth explanation walking you through step-by-step the whole process of getting your serial number and generating your own radio code below. We have taken out most of the hard work for you and have made the process as easy as possible for you and you will not need any technical knowledge. The average person takes under 10 minutes to generate their own radio code. We are also very proud to say that we can unlock all models of Ford Focus radio’s for free.

We are also able to provide you with 24/7 help and support, each day of the year. Please do not hesitate to use our contact us page if you need any assistance or have any questions. We are always more than happy to help you. We would also take great pride in mentioning that we are the number one provider of free radio codes on the Internet. Any problems which you might come across we aim to do our best to resolve them.

How to Unlock a Ford Focus Radio for free

Step 1)  You will firstly need to insert your cars key into the ignition and turn it slowly until you hear a click and then stop turning. This will turn on all of the electronics in the car including your radio without starting up to the engine. If your car has a keyless ignition you will need to insert your cars fob into the dashboard and press it in once without depressing the clutch. This will do the same as previous.

Step 2) Your Ford Focus radio will now show a request on it’s display screen. This will ask you to submit a valid radio code. This will be needed in order to unlock your radio. We will give you a detailed explanation on how you can go about generating for free the Ford Focus radio code required to unlock your radio in the next section of this guide. Now we would like to stress the fact that you should make note of the radio code you will be given by us, this is because your radio code will never changed, meaning that if your radio ever becomes locked again you can use the same code to unlock it. (We provide you with the option to save your radio code once it has been generated)

(Please note that if you are unsure of the exact process of entering your radio code into your radio, even though the process is usually very easy especially with Ford Focus’s as your radio’s display will walk you through the process. We recommend that you search online for instructions on how to do it. We are unfortunately unable to include instructions here as all ages of Ford Focus radio vary slightly and our instructions wouldn’t be accurate.)

How to get a Free Ford Focus Radio Code

Step 1)

We have nearly finished! Now we will begin the process of generating your Ford Focus radio code through the use of our free radio code generator. First of all we need to get one piece of information from you in order for us to sucessfully generate a free Ford Focus radio code for you, that is your radios serial number. Please don’t worry, we will provide an explanation below detailing the two methods you can use to obtain your radios serial number.

Method One) The first method which we always recommend that you try first before moving onto method two is take a look inside the manual of both your vehicle and the radio. This is to see if your serial number is printed inside one of those. Please note that this method doesn’t always work depending on the age of your vehicle and obviously some people lose their manuals.

Method Two) The second method which we can almost guarantee will work is removing your radio from your vehicle. Take a look at both the sides of it and the rear of it. Here you will find either printed or stamped onto it the serial number of your radio. You will then need to write it down and put your radio back into your vehicle.

Step 2)

  1. Click the “Generate Radio Code” button at the bottom of this guide. (It will take you to the page for downloading our Ford Focus radio code generator.)
  2. Firstly click on the “Start Download” button which will start the download for our Ford Focus radio code generator.
  3. When the download has finished, find where you downloaded our generator to and open it. When the Generator finishes loading, enter the serial number of your Ford Focus Radio in the box provided.
  4. Click on the “Generate” button.
  5. Our generator will now get to work, please wait.
  6. Your free radio code will now be displayed on your screen.
  7. You will now be given the option to save your radio code, which we highly recommend that you do. Please refer to the earlier steps in this guide. (If you need help entering it into your radio).

Generate Ford Focus radio code

You have successfully unlocked your Ford Focus radio! Congratulations!

We are able to support the unlocking of all years of Ford Focus radio. (Below we have listed the years of radio we unlock the most)

2001 Ford Focus Radio Code
2002 Ford Focus Radio Code
2003 Ford Focus Radio Code
2004 Ford Focus Radio Code
2005 Ford Focus Radio Code
2006 Ford Focus Radio Code
2007 Ford Focus Radio Code
2008 Ford Focus Radio Code
2009 Ford Focus Radio Code
2010 Ford Focus Radio Code
2011 Ford Focus Radio Code
2012 Ford Focus Radio Code