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Ford Transit

Free Ford Transit Radio Code

If you are looking for a free Ford Transit radio code, we’re very happy to tell you that we at FreeRadioUnlocking are able to help you with that. This is because we are able to help you generate a free Ford Transit radio code. Just keep reading to find out how…

Why has my radio become locked?

The reason for your radio becoming locked is that it is an in-built security feature which means that if your radio is ever tampered with or removed from your vehicle it will become locked. This therefore means that your radio will become unusable until you enter a valid radio code into it. The reason for the implementation of this security feature was due to the amount of thefts and attempted thefts of vehicle radios occurring. This deterrent has been incredibly successful and has reduced the amount of thefts massively, simultaneously it has also decreased vehicle damage and insurance claims.

This is all well and good until you run into the problem of a locked radio and it’s your own! This means you need a radio code, but where do you get one from? Usually you would have to visit your main dealer or automotive electrician and be charged a fortune. Now you can get a radio code for free using our website. Sometimes radios can become locked by mistake this could be due to a software error, replacement of the vehicles battery or a minor collision amongst other reasons

What do you need to unlock your Radio?

There is only one thing you need to unlock your radio. As you may already know this is a radio code. This is a unique code assigned to your radio when it was manufactured, they are usually between four and eight digits long however this can vary between makes and models of radio. This radio code is linked to the serial number of your radio which is also a unique number. This means that if you are able to find out the serial number of your radio, you will be able to use it to find out your radio code through the use of our online free Ford Transit radio code generator.

Please read both of the below sections of this guide which will explain to you the whole process of obtaining your serial number and using it to generate your own radio code for free. Luckily for you, most of the hard work has been taken out of the process and has been done by us. We’re sure you will be glad to hear that you will not need any technical knowledge to unlock your radio and it will take the average Joe around 10 minutes to complete the process of generating their radio code and entering it into their radio.

How to Unlock a Ford Transit Radio for free

Step 1) The first step involves you inserting your cars key into the ignition and turning it until you hear a click sound, stop then and all your vehicles electronics will be turned on. If you have a keyless ignition please insert your vehicles fob into the dashboard and press it in once without depressing the clutch. This will do the same as previous.

Step 2) Your Ford Transit radio will now show a request on it’s display screen. This will ask you to submit a valid radio code. This will be needed in order to unlock your radio. We will give you a detailed explanation on how you can go about generating for free the Ford Transit radio code required to unlock your radio in the next section of this guide.

If you don’t know the exact process of entering your radio code into your Ford Transits radio, we recommend you search online for instructions. The reason why we didn’t include instructions here is that there are so many different models of Ford Transit radio and our instructions wouldn’t be accurate as all models of radio vary slightly in the way that radio codes are submitted.

How to get a Free Ford Transit Radio Code

In the first step we will explain to you how you can go about finding out the serial number of your radio. This is a necessity in the process of generating a valid radio code which will unlock your radio. There are two methods which you can try to find out the serial number of your radio, both of these are explained below.

Step 1)

Method One) The first method involves checking all of the paperwork which came with your vehicle and your radio. Sometimes Ford included the serial number of your radio inside one of the manuals. This method is worth trying before moving onto method two.

Method Two) The second method involves removing your radio form your vehicle and taking a good look around it, check all of the sides. You are looking for a label which will tell you the serial number of your radio. You will then need to write it down and put your radio back into your vehicle.

Step 2)

In the second step you will need to follow our incredibly simple five step process below which will explain to you how you use our online Ford Transit radio code generator…

  1. Firstly you will need to click the generate radio code button at the bottom of this guide. (This will take you over to our radio code generator download page)
  2. When the download page finishes loading, click on the start download button.
  3. Our Ford Transit radio code generator will now begin to download to your device, please be patient as the time taken to download will vary depending on your internet connection.
  4. When our generator has downloaded, please open up the application. You will now be asked for the serial number of your Ford Transit radio, please submit it. Our Ford Transit radio code generator will now start to generate your radio code.
  5. You will now be given the option to save your radio code, which we highly recommend that you do. Please refer to the earlier steps in this guide. (If you need help entering it into your radio).


Generate Ford Transit radio code


You’ve done it! You have succesfully unlocked your Ford Transit radio for free.

We’re sure you’ll be glad to hear that we are currently able to unlock all models of Ford Transit radio. (The below are the most popular models of Transit radio that we’re asked to unlock)

2005 Ford Transit Radio Code
2006 Ford Transit Radio Code
2007 Ford Transit Radio Code
2008 Ford Transit Radio Code
2009 Ford Transit Radio Code
2010 Ford Transit Radio Code
2011 Ford Transit Radio Code
2012 Ford Transit Radio Code
Ford Transit Radio Code 6000cd
Ford Transit Radio Code 4000 rds
Ford Transit Connect Radio Code

We would also like to tell you that we have 24/7 support available to you, to use at anytime. Simply go over to our contact us page and fill out the form with your contact information and any questions you may have. A member of our customer service team will contact your promptly and will do their best to help you. We are also incredibly proud of the fact that we are the Internet’s number one provider of free radio codes online.