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Honda Odyssey

Free Honda Odyssey Radio CodeWhat is Radio Unlocking?

Are you here to learn how to fix Honda Odyssey Radio Code Error? Fortunately for you, we are able to help you with that problem as we are able to generate a free Honda Odyssey radio code for you, meaning you’ve come to exactly the right place! Firstly we believe that it is best that we explain to you what exactly radio unlocking is before we begin to unlock your radio.

The reason for you experiencing the problem of a locked Honda Odyssey radio to begin with is because it is an anti-theft feature of your radio designed to deter thieves. This feature was implemented due to the increase in thefts of car radios and has been successful in achieving it’s goal and has reduced radio thefts, vehicle damage and insurance claims. However, the problem comes when you are the rightful owner of the radio and the radio becomes locked and you need a radio code to unlock it. This is a common issue especially if you have just replaced your vehicles battery as the radio is sometimes unable to differentiate between the radio being tampered with and the battery being removed from the vehicle.

When your radio was manufactured it was given it’s own unique radio code which can be used to unlock it, this is linked to the serial number of the radio. This therefore means that if you have the serial number of your radio, you will be able to unlock it. There is an incredibly low chance of someone else having the same radio code as you. Luckily for you we are able to generate a free Honda Odyssey radio code for you as long as you can provide us with the serial number of your radio. We have explained the whole process below detailing how you can go about generating your own radio code.  We have made the process incredibly easy for you to follow and as user friendly as possible. It will take the average person around 10 minute to generate their own radio code and input it into their radio. We have taken almost all of the work out of the process for you, meaning you do need any technical knowledge what so ever as we have done all the hard work for you. We are proud to say that we are able to unlock all models of Honda Odyssey radios for free.

We are also able to offer you 24/7 support, every day of the year. Please do not hesitate to use our contact us page if you need any help or have any questions, we are happy to help. We are also proud to say that we are the Internets number one provider of free radio codes and we make a promise to you that you will leave our website happy. Any issues that you encounter we will do our best to resolve.

How to Unlock a Honda Odyssey Radio for free

Step 1) The first step towards unlocking your Honda Odyssey radio is by inserting your car key into your cars ignition and turning it slowly until you hear a click. This means that all of the electronics of the car will now turn on including your radio without starting the engine. You can start the car up fully if you like however, we recommend that you don’t as you’ll be wasting fuel.

Step 2) Your Honda Odyssey radio will now display a request on it’s screen, which will ask you to enter a valid radio code in order for it to be unlocked. We will explain to you in the next section of this guide how you can go about successfully generating a radio code. We also highly recommend that you make a note of the 4 digit radio code that you will be given once it is generated. This is because your radio code will always remain the same, meaning if you ever need to unlock your radio again you can use the exact same code. Please note that we will also give you the option to save your radio code to your device for future reference, we recommend that you do this.

(Please note that if you are unsure on how to enter the radio code into your radio, Honda sometimes include a guide inside the manual of your vehicle or the radio, however this isn’t always the case depending on the age of your radio. You shouldn’t however need any instructions as it is a very straight forward process. If you are struggling we recommend that you search online for instructions as all models and variants of Honda Odyssey vary slightly when it comes to entering the radio code)

How to get a Free Honda Odyssey Radio Code

Step 1)

We’ve nearly finished! Now we can start the process of generating your Honda Odyssey radio code by using our free radio code generator. First we need to get one piece of information from you in order for us to sucessfully generate a free Honda Odyssey radio code for you, this is your radios serial number. Please do not worry, we will explain to you below how you can get your radios serial number. There are two different methods of finding out your serial number which are listed below.

Method 1)  Your radios Serial Number could be printed on the inside of your radios manual or inside your vehicles manual, however please note that this isn’t the case for every model of Honda Odyssey but it is worth trying before moving onto method 2.

Method 2) The serial number of your radio printed or stamped on to either the side or the rear of your radio. To see it you will need to remove your radio from your vehicle, write it down and re-install the radio back into your vehicle.

Step 2)

  1. Click on the “Generate Radio Code” button at the bottom of this guide.
  2. When the page finishes loading, enter the serial number of your Honda Odyssey Radio.
  3. Click on the “Generate” button.
  4. Your free radio code will now start to be automatically generated.
  5. Your free radio code will now appear on screen.
  6. You will now be given the option to save your radio code, which we highly recommend that you do. Please refer to the earlier steps in this guide which will explain to you how to enter the radio code into your radio.

Generate Honda Odyssey radio code

Congratulations! Together we have succesfully unlocked your Honda Odyssey radio.

Please note that we support the unlocking of all years and variants of Honda Odyssey Radio. It includes but it is not limited to the below. (Please also note that these are just the most popular years of Honda Odyssey Radios that we unlock most frequently)

2001 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2002 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2003 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2004 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2005 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2006 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2007 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
2008 Honda Odyssey Radio Code
Honda Odyssey Radio Code 2009
Honda Odyssey Radio Code 2010
Honda Odyssey Radio Code 2011
Honda Odyssey Radio Code 2012
Honda Odyssey Radio Code 2013