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Seat Ibiza


Free Seat Ibiza Radio CodeWelcome to FreeRadioUnlocking. We are the Internets #1 specialists in radio unlocking. In this guide we will fully explain how you can find out what your Seat Ibiza radio code is.

Why has your radio become locked?

Your Seat Ibiza radio has become locked because of the security system becoming activated. This is designed to happen whenever your radio detects that someone is attempting to steal your radio. This security system can be found in all modern automobile radios, it has helped to reduce the amount of radio thefts. This is because radios are effectively rendered useless once they have become locked and very few people will buy a locked, stolen radio. Usually you would have to visit a mechanic or auto-electrician and pay a fee in order to unlock your radio. However, we believe this is wrong as sometimes your radio can become locked and no one has tried to steal it. Main dealerships have also been known to charge ridiculous amounts of money to unlock your radio as they know that most people will pay it. Who likes driving without no music?

Even though your radio is only designed to lock when someone has attempted to steal it, it can sometimes become locked by mistake due to a false activation in the security system. Common causes for this are listed below.

  • Your vehicles battery has lost all of its charge.
  • You have just changed your vehicles battery.
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident.
  • Your radio has been removed from your vehicle.

How to generate a Free Seat Ibiza Radio Code

We will now start to explain to you what you need to do in order to generate your own Seat Ibiza radio code. There are only two things you need these are our Seat Ibiza radio code generator and the serial number of your radio. Follow the steps below and you will have your radio unlocked in no time.

Step 1)

Before you can start to generate your Seat Ibiza radio code, you will firstly need to find out what the serial number of your radio is. There are a few different ways you are able to find out the serial number of your radio. We have explained what we feel are the best two methods of finding out the serial number of your radio below.

Method one) Disconnect your battery from your vehicle first. You will then need to remove your radio from your vehicle and check around the rear of it. You are looking for a label which will have the serial number of your radio printed onto it.

Method two) Check all of the paperwork which came with both your radio and your vehicle, sometimes manufacturers included the serial number of the radio in this paperwork, it’s worth trying this method before trying method one.

Step 2)

Now that you have found out the serial number of your radio, we will explain to you how you can download and use our Seat Ibiza radio code generator by following the three steps below.

Step 1) To download our Seat Ibiza radio code generator, you will need to click on the “Generate Radio Code” button at the end of these steps. Once the page loads, click on the “Start Download” button. Our radio code generator will then start to download to your device. (We are able to detect what operating system you are using and download the right version to your device.)

Step 2) Once our Seat Ibiza radio code generator has downloaded, you will need to find it and open up the application. You will then be presented with a text box which will ask you for the serial number of your radio. Please enter it into the box provided and click on the “Generate” button.

Step 3) Please wait patiently, our generator is now starting the process of generating your radio code. The whole process can take up to a minute depending on the device you are using. Once it has finished a message will appear on your screen showing the radio code for your radio. You can now enter this radio code into your radio to unlock it.

Generate Seat Ibiza radio code

Your Seat Ibiza radio is now unlocked. You can now enjoy using it again!


We currently support the unlocking of all models of Seat Ibiza radio. The below models of Seat Ibiza radios are the models which we are asked to unlock the most.

  • Seat Ibiza 2003 Radio Code
  • Seat Ibiza 2004 Radio Code
  • Seat Ibiza 6L Radio Code
  • Seat Ibiza 6J Radio Code

Do you need help?

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