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Skoda Radio Code Free

If you’re looking for a Skoda radio code, you’ve come to the right place. You will be able to use our online radio code generator to do just that. Firstly though we will first explain to you why your radio has become locked in the first place. We will then explain to you what you need to unlock your radio and exactly how you can go about doing it.


Why does your radio become locked?


When your radio was manufactured it was designed with an in-built security system. This means that whenever your radio is tampered with or removed from your vehicle, the security system will lock your radio. This means that you will need to enter a valid radio code in order to unlock it.

The radio code which unlocks your radio is unique to your radio and is linked to the serial number of it. This therefore means that there is an incredibly low chance that someone else will have the same radio code as you. A radio code is usually between four and eight digits long depending on the make and model of the radio, it’s technically possible to guess a radio code however radios usually stop you entering radio codes after a certain amount of failed attempts.

The reason for radio manufacturers implementing this feature was due to the rapid rise of thefts of radios from vehicles and the attempted thefts. Both causing insurance premiums to rise. Victims not only had their radios stolen but their vehicles damaged in the process. The only problem with this is sometimes radios become locked by mistake and genuine owners of these radios are unable to unlock them as they don’t know the radio code. This can happen for a few different reasons such as a recent battery replacement, a minor collision or a software glitch. This is a rare occasion but it does happen and it seems to be on the rise.

How to Unlock a Skoda Radio

Step 1) You will first need to turn on all of the electronics inside your vehicle. You can do this by firstly inserting your cars key into the ignition and turning it until you hear a click, you can then stop. If you have a keyless ignition you will need to insert your cars key fob into the dashboard and press it in once without depressing the vehicles clutch.

Step 2) Your radio will now be displaying a message on its screen asking you to enter a valid radio code. We will explain in the next section of this guide the whole process of generating your own Skoda radio code for free.

How to generate a free Skoda radio code

For you to be able to successfully generate a Skoda radio code, you will need to first find out the serial number of your radio. Don’t worry this is a relatively easy process and is the only thing that we need from you. We have fully explained two methods below which you can use to find out your radios serial number. (We recommend you try method one before moving onto method two)

Method one) Please check all of the paperwork which came with your vehicle to see if your serial number is printed inside any of the manuals. (This isn’t always the case depending on the model of your Skoda radio)

Method two) For this method you will need to remove your radio from your vehicle and check all around it. You are looking for a label which will have the serial number of your radio printed onto it.

We will now explain to you how you can use our free online Skoda radio code generator, once you have obtained your serial number of course. Please follow the five simple steps below.

  1. Click on the “Generate radio code” button at the bottom of this guide.
  2. You will now be taken to our generator page. Click on “Start download”
  3. Enter your radios serial number into the box provided.
  4. Click on the “Generate” button. This will start the process of generating your radio code. Please be patient as the process can take up to one minute.
  5. Your radio code will appear on screen once it has been generated. (We recommend that you use our save option to save the radio code to your device, or that you write it down and keep it in a safe place. The reason for this is that you radio code will always stay the same, meaning that if your radio becomes locked again you can use the same code to unlock it)

generate Skoda radio code

Awesome! You have successfully unlocked your Skoda radio. Thank you once again for using our service.

Please note that if you have encountered any problems whilst using our service, feel free to use our contact us page. You will need to fill out all the relevant fields and click on the submit button. We aim to respond to all support request as soon as possible. We have a 24/7 support team operating 365 days a year. We currently have an average response time of 2 hours.

What models of Skoda radio do we unlock the most?

  • Skoda Fabia Radio Code
  • Skoda Octavia Radio Code
  • Skoda Superb Radio Code
  • Skoda Citigo Radio Code
  • Skoda Yeti Radio Code
  • Skoda Kodiaq Radio Code
  • Skoda Rapid Radio Code

We are currently able to unlock all models of Skoda radio, the above are just the models that we receive the most requests to unlock)